About Kiro Holsters

IWA 2016

G.Z. Kiro Ltd. is an Israeli based company founded by IDF (Israel Defense Forces) veterans serving since 1972 combining extensive operational experience with traditional high-end leather workmanship.

KIRO-Holsters was established with the vision of bringing to the market premium leather holsters at affordable prices. Developed, designed and tested in Israel, our products feature everything a gun carrier expects of his holster and more. Being manufactured with traditional leather handcraft techniques and only the best materials available ensures a top-notch quality and finish.

Our production offers a wide variety of optional carrying solutions and represent the highest quality and performance the industry has to offer.

Hand-Made under strict quality control, KIRO-Holsters provides a “life time warranty” against defects in materials and workmanship and will keep your gun safe and protected for years. Look for the KIRO-Holsters engraving on the back of your holster to avoid fakes.

We invite you to get your KIRO-Holster and join our growing community of satisfied operators.